Determination of Parcel Value Number with Detailed Method in the Land Consolidation

Ahmet Tezcan, Kenan Büyüktaş, Şerife Tülin Akkaya Aslan

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Nutrients Digestibility, Nitrogen Balance and Blood Profile of West African Dwarf (Wad) Goats Fed Cassava Peels with Urea-molasses Multi-nutrient Block (UMMB) Supplements

O. S. Gabriel, A. N. Fajemisin, D. E. Onyekachi

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Seed Production, Growth and Grain Yield of Self, Half-sib and Bulk-sib Progenies Developed from an Early-maturing Maize (Zea mays L.) Population

N. F. Okoye, A. Oluwaranti, M. A. B. Fakorede, R. O. Akinwale

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Study on Post-harvest Proximate Composition and Water Activity of Three Cultivars of Frafra Potatoes (Solenostemon rotundifolius [Poir.]) from Upper East Region, Ghana

S. Apuri, E. A. Seweh, G. A. Asumboya, S. A. Agyegelone

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Correlation Studies for Bulb Yield and Yield Contributing Traits among Onion (Allium cepa L.) Genotypes

A. A. Gulumbe, L. Abubakar, B. M. Sokoto, A. A. Aliero

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