Fungal Organisms Associated with Post-harvest Rot of Frafra Potatoes [Solenostemon rotundifolius (Poir.)] in Bongo-Soe, Upper East Region, Ghana

S. Apuri, C. Kwoseh, E. A. Seweh, I. O. Tutu

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Assessment of Constraints to Participation of Rural Women in Technology Dissemination of Women in Agriculture Program in Imo State, Nigeria

M. N. Okeke, E. N. Mbah, I. I. Nwoye

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Models Designed to Increase the Work of Reversible Disc Plough

Faris Abdullah Hamed

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Sheep and Goat Value Chain Analysis in Tahtay Adyabo District, Tigray, Ethiopia

Zemeda Desta, Lemma Zemedu, Bosena Tegegne

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Accessibility of Agroforestry Farmers to Credit Facilities on Poultry Egg Production in Oyo State, Nigeria

A. F. Aderounmu, I. O. Oyewo

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