An Analytical Study of Jordanian Consumers’ Attitudes towards Purchasing Organic Food

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Mohammad Altarawneh
Radi Altarawneh


The study aimed to determine the level of consumer attitudes towards purchasing organic food, by conducting a statistical analysis of the data collected from the questionnaires collected from a sample of consumers in Amman Governorate in 2018 distributed to a sample of 384. The analytical descriptive approach was used in this research to study the relationship Between the variables, the results of the study showed that the average degree of consumers to purchase organic foods was 3.69 degrees, which is a high level according to the scale used. The independent variables of consumers were also distinguished by its clear impact on their attitudes towards the purchase and consumption of organic foods. Through the study, it was found that there is a positive and important relationship between consumers attitudes towards organic foods and some factors that affect their attitudes. Considering this, importance the researcher recommends the importance of conducting awareness programs on the importance of organic foods and to do other relevant studies in different regions of Jordan.

Organic food, consumption, consumer attitudes, Jordan.

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Altarawneh, M., & Altarawneh, R. (2020). An Analytical Study of Jordanian Consumers’ Attitudes towards Purchasing Organic Food. Asian Research Journal of Agriculture, 12(4), 12-22.
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