Sheep and Goat Value Chain Analysis in Tahtay Adyabo District, Tigray, Ethiopia

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Zemeda Desta
Lemma Zemedu
Bosena Tegegne


This study was aimed at evaluating the value chain of the small ruminant in Tahtay Adyabo District of Tigray Region. The data were collected from 138 sample households, 26 traders, 5 butchers, 7 hotels/restaurants and 11 consumers interviewed through a semi-structured questionnaire and from key informant interview. The value chain analysis revealed that the major actors in the district being input suppliers, small ruminant producers, farmers, collectors, small traders, large traders, hotels/restaurants, butchers and consumers. Office of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dedebit Credit and Saving Institution, NGO (Save the Children) and Shire-Maitsebri Agricultural Research Center are main supporting institutions. Nine main alternative channels were identified for goat and sheep marketing. Small ruminant market participant of sample respondents were supplied 137.28 TLU of goats and 107.25 TLU of sheep to the market. In the study area, the governance of the sheep and goat value chain is buyer driven, and there are no producers and buyers cooperatives. Therefore effort should be made to establish farmers’ cooperative and collective action of farmers to lower transaction costs to access inputs.

Actors, Ethiopia, goat, sheep, value chain.

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Desta, Z., Zemedu, L., & Tegegne, B. (2019). Sheep and Goat Value Chain Analysis in Tahtay Adyabo District, Tigray, Ethiopia. Asian Research Journal of Agriculture, 11(3), 1-9.
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