Pattern of Pesticide Usage in Curry Leaf and Farmers Views

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G. Priyadarshini
Shashi Vemuri
C. Narendra Reddy
S. Swarupa


Curry leaf [Murraya koeinigii (L.) Sprengel] exported from India had insecticide residues above maximum residue limits, which are hazardous to consumer health and caused rejection of the commodity at point of entry in Europe and middle east resulting in a check on export of curry  leaf. Hence to study current pesticide usage patterns in major curry leaf growing areas, a survey on pesticide use pattern was carried out in curry leaf growing areas in Medak district of Telangana; Anantapur and Guntur districts of Andhra Pradesh during 2014-15, interviewing farmers growing curry leaf utilizing the questionnaire to assess their knowledge and practices on crop cultivation, general awareness on pesticide recommendations and use and to ensure minimal pesticide residue levels in consumer food. Education levels of farmers are less (68.00 per cent were high school educated. 43.29 per cent of farmers had curry leaf area below five acres, while 3.00 per cent of farmers had above thirty acres. Awareness on pesticide related issues was varying among farmers with some commonality, where 35.71 per cent farmers knew about recommended pesticides while only 24.29 per cent of farmers were aware of pesticide classification based on toxicity. However, in general, most of the farmers (70 per cent) contacted pesticide dealer for recommendations, where as 30 per cent per cent of the farmers preferred to contact scientists and agricultural officers. Farmers were aware of endosulfan ban (93.86 per cent), but only 38.57 per cent of farmers knew about the ban of monocrotophos on vegetables. Very few farmers knew about pesticide residues and decontamination by washing. Extension educational interventions are necessary to produce fresh curry leaf free from pesticide residues.

Murraya koeinigii, leaf roller, curry leaf, pests, pesticide, decontamination

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Priyadarshini, G., Vemuri, S., Narendra Reddy, C., & Swarupa, S. (2017). Pattern of Pesticide Usage in Curry Leaf and Farmers Views. Asian Research Journal of Agriculture, 6(2), 1-9.
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